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مرحبًا بكم في MCASF Local 725 Benefit Funds  

ضمن هذا الموقع ، سيكون لديك الآن إمكانية الوصول على مدار 24 ساعة في اليوم ، 7 أيام في الأسبوع إلى النماذج المطلوبة بشكل شائع ، والروابط المميزة المفيدة ، والأسئلة المتداولة المتعلقة بالمزايا ، والوصول الآمن إلى معلومات المنفعة الشخصية الخاصة بك.

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معلومات قيمة ، نقرة واحدة!

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Upcoming Changes to the Health Plan


Effective May 1, 2024

As you know the Board of Trustes carefully & routinely reviews the Plan benefits, eligibility and vendors to assure that the best affordable benefits are provided. As a result of this review the following 2 changes are being implemented as noted on the next slides.


Member Assistance Program
Is Now Available!


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A Better You

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Information & webinars for a healthier you...

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ابق على اطلاع بالرسائل النصية منا!

DC Fund Preliminary Investment Results

1.5% YTD as of Feb. 29, 2024

MCASF Local 725 Health & Welfare Fund

Summary of Material Modifications

#1 ~ Cellular & Gene Therapy Exclusion, Effective January 2, 2024

#2 ~ Calendar Year Maximum Out of Pocket Expense Change, Effective January 1, 2024

as required by Section 104(b) of ERISA

مدونة فلوريدا بلو

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مراكز فلوريدا بلو

مراكز فلوريدا بلو

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Open Book

MCASF Local 725 Pension Fund

Annual Funding Notice

IRS regulations require that the Annual Funding Notice be provided to members every year. The Annual Funding Notice reflects the Pension Plan's funded status as of the beginning of the 2023 Plan Year (January 1, 2023).

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Participant Portal


Do more online.....

Did you know you can change your address directly on the portal or you can update your beneficiaries.

You can complete your enrollment form directly on the portal. Form is pre-populated with your information currently on file so it's easy to update, just a few clicks and you are done.

If you are a pensioner, you can change your bank information on your direct deposit.

If you need to send us important personal documents such as a birth certificate for a new born or a marriage certificate for your new spouse, you can now upload those documents securely through the participant portal.

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سجل اليوم!

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اشترك في النشرة الإخبارية لدينا • لا تفوت الفرصة!

شكرا على الإشتراك!

احصل على آخر الأخبار في صندوق الوارد الخاص بك

سجل اليوم!

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